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Fisheries and Fishery Products

Thanks to our strong presence in regions where the fishery sector is important, we can offer financial products and services tailored to the economic reality and seasonal nature of the industry.

Fish processing plants and fish brokers

Financing your production, season by season

We've designed financial products to help you deal with the cyclical, seasonal nature of your industry.

  • Flexible credit: We offer a special revolving credit so you can increase your operating credit based on your level of activity.
  • Factoring: National Bank takes care of the amounts you owe to suppliers and the amounts owed to you by clients so you can boost your cashflow and safeguard the continuity of your operations.  

Financing the purchase of facilities or equipment

Whether you need a term loan to purchase equipment or want to finance a leasehold improvement, we'll find a financing solution1 that meets your needs.

Our financing solutions

Managing your risks

With our financial tools, you can set exchange rates or fuel prices in advance to protect yourself from market fluctuations.

Exporting your products

Our Account Managers will work with an International Trade Manager to help you develop an export strategy.

Our international solutions

Managing your day-to-day business

From USD accounts and digital solutions to credit cards, our financial products are tailored to the needs of your industry.

Our cash management solutions

Our credit cards

Improving your HR management

Learn about our HR solutions

  • Payroll systems
  • Group pension plans
  • Group insurance

Our HR solutions

Managing your surplus cash

Our investment solutions are tailored to the seasonal nature of your industry.

Our investment solutions
With over 35 points of service in these regions, National Bank is committed to the growth of the fishery sector.

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Legal Notes


1       Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.