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Power your international ambitions


Banking solutions for international trade


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With our range of products and services—documentary credit, letters of guarantee, supply chain financing, payments (inbound and outbound), details on your transactions and foreign exchange solutions—you can do business abroad, wherever and whenever you want.

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Open a foreign currency account

Looking for a fast, effective way to carry out transactions abroad? With our foreign currency accounts, you can make and receive payments at any time.

Guard against exchange rate fluctuations

Protect your profit margins with our made-to-measure hedging instruments

Send and receive payments worldwide

Doing business abroad has never been easier thanks to our wire transfer and intercurrency multipayment services.

Succesful international expansion

Do business in the U.S. as if you were there!

Our solutions can help you increase your efficiency and grow your business south of the border.

Cross-border business solutions (Canada/U.S.)
Banking solutions - open an international account
Banking solutions - open an international account
Banking solutions - open an international account
Banking solutions - discover our HR solutions
Banking solutions - discover our HR solutions
Banking solutions - discover our HR solutions

Protect your company from non-payment risk

Safeguard your imports and exports with our solutions,including letters of guarantee and documentary credits and collection.

Managing your commercial transactions
"Expand your business abroad thanks to our team of experts with offices in the world's leading financial centres, including New York, Paris, London and Shanghai."

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fuel swap


Protect your company against fluctuating
and farm commodity prices (for buyers
and producers)

US Dollar Account


Need up-to-the-minute information on exchange rates?

Updated exchange rates

Factoring Solutions


Increase your working capital

Our supply chain financing solutions

Expert advisor


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1-800-269-1350  (toll-free)

Financing Solutions


Forms and legal documentation

Please take note of the latest versions of the following documents:

- Application for documentary credit

- Application for the issuance of a letter of guarantee or standby letter of credit

- Application for the transfer of an export documentary credit

Notice of assignment of proceeds under an export documentary credit

For additional information, please contact us at 514-394-6400 or

Are you a client? Connect to the Global Trade Solutions platform to make all of these requests online and keep informed of the latest updates.