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Offers for young people

Prepare your kids to manage their funds

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The first step toward independence

Managing your pocket money is a good way to gradually learn autonomy and responsibility. Our offers for young people are specially designed to meet their needs. Our products grow with your children from their first account into adulthood.

Ideal for

  • teaching them how to make a first online transaction
  • helping them become aware of free and safe budget management
  • showing them how to take the first steps in monitoring their online savings
  • guiding them toward autonomy

Our young people bank accounts without monthly fees

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Branch transactions

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3 ways to open a young people bank account

0 to 6 years:
education begins 

  • Make an appointment at the branch of your choice.
  • The presence of a legal representative (parent or guardian) is mandatory.
  • Start saving in your child's trust account.

7 to 12 years:
freedom with small steps

  • Make an appointment at the branch of your choice.

  • The presence of a legal representative (parent or guardian) is mandatory.

  • The child may obtain a debit card if authorized by the legal representative

13 years and older: autonomy 

  • Make an appointment at the branch of your choice.
  • The presence of a legal representative (parent or guardian) is optional.

  • The adolescent can go to the appointment alone, open the account, and get a debit card.

Do you want to open a young people account or get more information about our offers?

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Did you know

If your child is 6 years or younger, the account opened on their behalf is called a trust account, that is, you maintain full responsibility even if it is in your child's name.

Pouce en l'air


Even after 6 years, it is strongly recommended to monitor your child’s account by making a power of attorney. Talk to an advisor.

Little details that matter


The passbook option has not been available to new clients since May 4, 2015. If you are an existing client who uses a passbook with your account, a $2.50 monthly fee is charged.

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Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

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FCAC account selector tool

Discover the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)’s account selector tool to compare bank accounts.

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