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mycredit Mastercard

Enjoy a credit card with no annual fee and get up to 6% cashback on eligible purchases


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Couple qui profite du beau temps avec carte de crédit macrédit remises Mastercard


The card at a glance

Up to 1%

cashback 24

${p1.productPricing.AF_CRD.productPricingValue} $

annual Fee



purchase rate


balance transfer and cash advance rate  2-3

Perfect if you’re looking to: 

  • Make your money go further: optimize your spending with cashback   
  • live peacefully: enjoy insurance coverage for your mobile device, purchase protection and extended warranty
  • Enjoy your money : get your cash back every month - no waiting

Enroll, receive, receive.

Get up to $120 cashback in the first year, on top of the discount percentage of your credit card's benefits.

Offer valid for new cardholders. Minimum monthly purchase required.

Learn more

How does cashback work? 

Earn cashback at a rate of 1% on restaurants purchases and recurring pre-authorized payments24 and 0.5% cashback on all other eligible purchases.

Enjoy life! Cashback will automatically be deducted each month from the balance on your bill.

Discover how simple it is to earn cashback on your everyday purchases.24  

  Weekly spending Annual cashback
  1% cashback
Restaurants $100 $52

Mobile plan*

$25 $13
  0.5% cashback
Groceries $85 $22
Online purchases $75 $20

Total $107 in cashback!

* When you use recurring pre-authorized payments with your mycredit account.

Benefits on your daily life

Protect your mobile device

Get a protection against theft or damages for a period of up to 2 years after the date of purchase of the mobile device22.


Double the manufacturer’s warranty

Get items repaired or replaced for up to twice as long.4


Get 90-day purchase protection

Shop with peace of mind—most purchases made with your card are protected against theft and damage.4


Benefit from fraud protection

Shop securely with Zero Liability fraud protection.


Explore the benefits

Sac d'épicerie rempli de nourriture
Sac d'épicerie rempli de nourriture
Sac d'épicerie rempli de nourriture

Ready to earn rewards? It takes just a few minutes to apply!

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Little details that matter

Eligibility criteria





Annual fee and interest rate

Annual fee 2

${p1.productPricing.AF_CRD.productPricingValue} $

Annual fee for additional card


Purchase rate


Balance transfer and cash advance rate 2-3


Minimum credit limit 1

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Unlimited 1%

Restaurants purchases and recurring pre-authorized payments:
$100 = $1 cashback

0.5% unlimited

All other purchases:
$100 = $0.50 cashback

You can accumulate cashback faster by adding an additional card to your account, such as for your spouse.

Cashback details

Refer to the Cashback program [PDF] for more information.


Distribution guide and insurance certificate

Consult the${p1.guideDistr|link:"Distribution Guide":"":"_blank" }[PDF] and the${p1.certif|link:"Insurance Certificate":"":"_blank" }[PDF]

Mobile devices insurance                      

Your new mobile devices, purchased with your card or financed by a plan of which all the monthly payments are paid for with your card or by pre-authorized payments from your mycredit account, are protected against theft or damages for a period of up to 2 years 22.

Compensation can reach $1000 in case of breakage, loss or theft.

Zero Liability 5


Purchase protection in the event of theft or damage 4

${p1.assuranceAchats} days following the purchase date

Extended warranty 4


Important phone numbers

Customer service (24/7)

Insurance claim

Lost or stolen card

Cardholder Agreement

To learn more about the terms applicable to your card, read the${p1.urlConvention.en | link:"Cardholder Agreement":"":"_blank"}[PDF].

Confidentiality Policies

To learn about how we protect your information, consult our Confidentiality Policies.

Legal Disclaimers

Credit card is issued subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Get $10 cashback for each month you charge at least $200 in net purchases to card over a 12-month period (maximum cashback of $120). The account must be in good standing for the cashback to be awarded. Certain restrictions apply. This promotion is intended for individuals who do not have a National Bank Mastercard credit card and cannot be combined with any other National Bank offer, promotion or advantage. You must apply before October 31, 2019 to take advantage of this promotion.  National Bank reserves the right to end this promotion at any time without notice. Upgrades are excluded from the offer. The offer is not applicable when opening an additional card. The CAA Rewards and Ultramar cards are excluded from this offer.

Consult the Agreement Governing the Use of the National Bank Mastercard Credit Card [PDF]

?ECHO, ALLURE and à LA CARTE REWARDS PLAN are registered trademarks of National Bank.

?MYCREDIT is a trademark of National Bank.

?Mastercard, World Mastercard, World Elite , Tap & Go and Priceless cities are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank.

?ULTRAMAR is a registered trademark of Valero. Used under licence. 

?The registered trademarks of CAA, CAA logo, CAA Rewards and CAA Dollars trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association. 

?à LA CARTE TRAVEL is a trademark of National Bank of Canada. à la carte Travel is managed by Transat Distribution Canada Inc., holder of permit No. 753141 in Quebec.

TM SECURE CODE is a trademark of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank.

? Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of or participant in National Bank Mobile Banking Solutions.

? Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. The use of this trademark is subject to Google Inc.’s authorization policy.

1. Subject to credit approval by National Bank.

2. Grace period: No interest will be charged on purchases made during the month, provided the client pays the balance in full within twenty-one (21) days of the statement date. This grace period does not apply to cash advances or balance transfers. Minimum payment: If your account balance is lower than $10, you must pay the entire balance. If you reside in the province of Quebec, your minimum payment will correspond to 5% of the credit card account balance plus any overdue payment or $10, whichever amount is higher. If you reside outside of Quebec, your minimum payment represents 2.5% of the credit card account balance plus any overdue payment or $10, whichever amount is higher. Account statement: A statement is sent monthly.

Examples of credit charges

Example of credit charges over a 30-day period:

Annual interest rate

Average balance
















*Variable interest rate in effect on July 1, 2017

3. Subject to credit approval by National Bank. Each balance transfer must be at least $250.

4. This coverage applies to purchases and rentals charged in part to the card, except out-of-province medical/hospital insurance for which the travel arrangements need not be charged to the card, and lost or delayed luggage insurance where all transportation costs must be charged to the card. This coverage applies to the primary cardholder, his/her spouse and/or dependent children when they (spouse and/or dependent children) travel with the primary cardholder. Extended warranty coverage applies to most new items purchased with the card, in Canada or abroad, as long as the manufacturer's warranty is valid in Canada. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. For more information and for details of your insurance coverage, please consult the insurance certificate associated with your card.

5. Certain conditions apply. Visit for more information. Refer to the credit card terms and conditions.

6. Donations made annually by National Bank representing a percentage of sales charged to the card over a period of 12 months by all Allure card holders. The percentage of sales to be donated is at the sole discretion of National Bank, but the total amount of donations paid by National Bank will not exceed $450,000 per year. To find out more about the calculation period and applicable conditions, visit

7. The discount applies when you purchase gift cards for Allure partners on It will be applied to the total gift card amount. Cards must be purchased in multiples of $25. No discounts will be granted in store upon presentation of an Allure card. Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards will not be replaced. Allure card partners may change. Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic gift cards can be used at any Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic store in North America. Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic gift cards can be used to purchase in-store items only. If you have any questions concerning Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic gift cards, call (respectively) 1?800?GAP?STYLE, 1?800?OLD?NAVY or 1?888?BR?STYLE.

8. Cashback on gas purchases made at Ultramar. Please note that the combined total of the three cashbacks cannot exceed $250 per year. Gas rebates vary according to your monthly and annual gas purchases at Ultramar service stations and are subject to certain conditions.

9. All purchases charged to your Ultramar Mastercard are taken into account in determining your discount percentage, excluding purchases made at Ultramar service stations or Ultramar Business & Home Energy.

10. The prime rate means the annual variable interest rate posted by National Bank, from time to time, and used by the Bank to determine the interest rates on the demand loans it grants in Canadian dollars in Canada.

11. The interest rate for the Syncro card consists of a variable prime rate set by National Bank plus a fixed adjustment rate of 4% for purchases and 8% for balance transfers and cash advances. Please note that the annual interest rate for the Syncro card will not be less than 8.9% for purchases and 12.9% for balance transfers and cash advances.

12. The net purchase volume is the amount of purchases charged to the account minus returned items or refunds. Annual fees, balance transfers and cash advances are not included in the calculation.

13. On condition that required supporting documents are provided in the manner and time frame prescribed. Some restrictions may apply.

14. The maximum amount that can be submitted for reimbursement between January 1 and December 31 of each year is $250. Eligible expenses include: airport parking fees (maximum $100), baggage fees (maximum $100) and seat selection fees (maximum $50). The claim must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase date and accompanied by proof of purchase. The travel fees must be charged to the National Bank World Elite Mastercard credit card. The maximum reimbursement amount is $250 per account. An amount not claimed in a year cannot be carried over to the following year. For more information or to obtain a copy of the reimbursement claim form, call 1?888?296?8881 (toll-free) in Canada and the United States, or +1?416?734?3922 (collect) from anywhere in the world.

15. Exclusively available to holders of the World Elite Mastercard. Visitors must present their credit card and boarding pass to access to the National Bank Lounge. Further to a decision by Aéroports de Montréal, the National Bank Lounge will only be available to clients flying to destinations outside the U.S. and Canada, effective April 3, 2019. Guests cannot spend more than three (3) hours in the Lounge. For National Bank clients who do not have free Lounge access and for additional guests, admission is around $40 for adults and $25 for children, plus tax. Admission is free for children under three years old. The entry price may change at any time without notice and at the discretion of the Lounge operator.

16. Certain restrictions apply. Please consult the rules governing reward points under Rewards plan.

17. The cashback is based on a point accumulation system. For every $2 you spend using your Allure or Edition Mastercard credit card, you will receive 1 point, provided your account is in good standing. Once a year, in January, you will receive a $10 cashback for every 1,000 points earned. Your account is in good standing when you comply with the obligations of your cardholder agreement (e.g., making your minimum payment by the due date). For details, see the Terms and conditions [PDF].

18. You will qualify to earn CAA Dollars as soon as your card is activated and purchases are made, unless your account is not in good standing, your account has been suspended or terminated or other qualifications for eligibility are not met.

1% Cashback: You will earn CAA Dollars equivalent to 1% of eligible purchases made using your Credit Card. You will earn 1 CAA Dollar for every $100 of eligible purchases made with your Credit Card.

1% Additional Cashback: You will earn additional CAA Dollars cashback equivalent to 1% of eligible purchases made using your Credit Card. To be eligible, your purchases must be made through a participating merchant associated with an eligible Mastercard code at participating CAA stores and travel centres. Lists of these participating CAA stores and travel centres are available on CAA club websites. Mastercard codes are subject to change.

You cannot earn CAA Dollars on the following transactions that are made with your Credit Card, since they do not qualify as eligible purchases: cash advances, balance transfers, cash-like transactions, Mastercard cheques, payments and credits to the Credit Card account, interest charges, non-interest charges (e.g., annual fees, currency conversion fees and insurance premiums) and purchase returns.

19. All eligible purchases qualify for 1% cashback  when your account is in good standing. Your account is in good standing when you comply with the obligations of your cardholder agreement (e.g., making your minimum payment by the due date). An additional cashback of 0.5% is granted on the first $25,000 of eligible gas, grocery and online purchases charged annually to your credit card account. The additional cashback of 0.5% does not apply when the total of your annual eligible purchases exceeds $25,000. After that, the cashback equals 1% of eligible purchases, regardless of the type of purchase. For conditions and restrictions that apply to cashback rewards and a full list of codes associated with eligible merchants, refer to the cashback accumulation table [PDF] and the applicable rules [PDF].

20. The 20% discount applies to regular ticket prices for shows at Théatre Banque Nationale, taxes included. Call 418?698?4080 or visit a participating point of sale to take advantage of this offer. Just present your National Bank client card or National Bank Mastercard. Service charges not included. Limit of two (2) tickets per client per show. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

21. Cards included: Syncro, MC1, Ultramar, Allure, Escapade, Ovation Gold and Platinum.

22. Subject to the mobile device’s purchase with the card or mobile plan settled by recurring pre-authorized payments from your mycredit account.

23. Subject to the Agreement governing the use of the Mastercard credit card issued by National Bank.

24. Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.  The cashback granted is 1% on restaurant purchases and on recurring pre-authorized payments when you use recurring automatic transfers with your mycredit account. The cashback of 0.5% applies to all other eligible purchases during a billing cycle. The account must be in good standing when the cashback is awarded. Your account is in good standing when you comply with the obligations of your cardholder agreement (e.g., making your minimum payment by the due date). These eligible automatic transfers are defined as regular payments that are automatically withdrawn by a merchant on your credit card. Balance transfers, cash advances and fees resulting from the use of the card are excluded from the cashback calculation. For conditions and restrictions that apply to cashback rewards, refer to the Cashback Program  [PDF].

Other cashback credit cards

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annual fee


purchase rate


balance transfer and cash advance rate

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